Deep Tissue / Remedial / Sports Massage

Techniques used by Experienced Myotherapists to release and relax muscle(s) groups in order to change, align and correct the force in which the muscle exudes on its attachments and dramatically impact the effect it has on its surrounding connective tissue.

Connective tissue is just that, it connects structure(s), it is living for the most part contractile, adhesive, strong tissue and it can be manipulated by temperature, friction and palpative force. Our hands are very special structures and can do amazing things, the functions are endless but I firmly believe that are hands primary function is a human palpation tool, ie they are the 2 instruments when used together are able to manipulate human beings. On pure design and function they are able to fit in every fossa, anomaly, crease and anatomical crevasse with amazing fit and precision when used by an expert. Throw in amazing touch, feel and sensitivity and there is no better way to palpate to assess the underlying superficial and deep musculature and other underlying tissue. Palpation and treatment of Muscle, facia, connective tissue, banes tendons, ligaments and scar tissue, no more sensitive is the human hands.

Deep tissue massage can be used for pure relaxation as the friction applied with oil generates heat. Heat is a natural analgesic, blood vessels dilate and with this increase in blood flow help to relax the muscle(s). When a muscle is in its relaxed state it is in its most elongated state. The elongation will take pressure off surrounding structures and the muscular attachment points, muscles converge into tendons, then the tendon attach to bone.

The anatomical geographical location of where tendons attach is called the origin and insertion, these point if under constant or aggravating pressure can and will result in tendonitis(aggravated /inflamed tendon).

Massage comes in all forms but from a muscular point of view, the net goal physically for all forms of massage is to release and relax muscle contraction, making them elongated and lax so as to take pressure of their attachments making the joints in which they cross less pressurized, at ease and aligned perfectly.

Other forms of massage are -Hawaaiin massage, Thai massage, Sports massage, Shiatsu, Remedial Massage.
Other benefits of massage includ:

-Mental awareness, decrease anxiety, decrease stress and help with depression.
-Toxicity, lymphatic drainage, cleans up from a cellular level
-Improves sleep.
-General wellbeing and boost immunity.
-Recovery for excessive exercise or repetitious movement.
-Headaches, all types, massage will help
-Pregnancy pain alleviation