About Hayden

Hayden Green

Hayden Green has been practicing clinically in Melbourne’s CBD since 1994 and has a reputation for his vast experience and results based, hands on, methodical approach to restoring musculo skeletal function to the way it was intended, correct and pain free.

Hayden has always been able to not only address and rectify the problem, but identify the causative factors involved and with this be able to prevent reoccurrence for the future.

Previous work has included The Melbourne Sports Clinic with its involvement in The Australian Open Golf Tournament and he has been involved with AFL athletes, but in being an absolute clinician the ordinary human being doing extraordinary things has always been much more of an exciting challenge and the spectrum of diversity he has treated is endless.

Everyday Joes, who are living a life and appear to be achieving the ordinary are training for all sorts of amazing feats in which will pinnacle their lives, and with the responsibilities of family life etc come the arduous hours at the desk which alone are hard enough on the body let alone keep the fitness regime up or prepping for an event.

“Working with a career professional fused to his desk with responsibility for 12+ hours a day with 3 kids and a home life who wants to complete a marathon or an iron man distance is just as rewarding as a professional athlete who has ample time and expert help at hand to prepare and recover.“

Everyday life has its challenges with pain and aggravation, hectic lives should not be made harder by the occurrence of pain and aggravation when it is simple to rectify, you don’t need to put up with it!

Collins Street, Queen Street and now Little Collins Street has seen the clinic always in the heart of Melbourne and an extensive client base has been acquired as desk bound people need problems solved correctly and the implementation of these solutions for their ongoing work/life balances.