Our physical therapies and services include

  • Trigger Point Therapy

    Trigger Point Therapy

    Deactivating trigger points is a means to reduce/eradicate pain and discomfort. These hyper irritable spots, in lay term are called knot, in clinical terms hypertonic muscle lesions. A taut band or a concentrated area/portion of a muscle belly becomes contracted and produces pain and restriction, it inherently can destabilise a joint, can cause aggravation/inflammation = […]read more
  • Pregnancy Massage

    Pregnancy Massage

    With the ever changing body through the natural cycle of pregnancy, the body sometimes murmurs aches and pains with the change. With all of the changes there is a shift in gravitational force running through your body and your residing posture is altered with the growth of your soon to be born. Aches and pains, […]read more
  • Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction

    Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction

    A condition where the person clenches or grinds their teeth, usually while in deep sleep (REM sleep) and usually is unaware they are doing this. Grinding can wear the teeth so usually a dentist will pick up on this but if it is clenching that occurs there usually is no trace of evidence. An intuitive […]read more
  • Cupping


    The use of drawing pressure from “Cupping” can be extremely useful for many of its traditional benefits, in regard to Musculo skeletal complaints, the cupping utilised is best to release myofacial adhesion which is where the connective tissue adheres to surrounding structures, stagnating it from a cellular level (toxicity) and restricting its dynamic movement from […]read more
  • Dry Needling

    Dry Needling

    Yes different to acupuncture! Acupuncture is Traditional Chinese Medicine which works off body meridians which are base off your systemic organs, hence, stomach meridian, gall bladder meridian, lung, kidney etc etc, on these meridians are a series of points, all numbered. By stimulating certain points in succession , along with others factors, conditions and treatment […]read more
  • Orthopaedic testing and treatment

    Orthopaedic testing and treatment

    In order to assess a client correctly and solve a presenting issue, problem, pain, restriction or injury first and foremost a deep understanding of Anatomy and orthopaedic testing is a must. Subjective and objective analysis of certain movements performed by the client will lead the therapist to understanding which muscle, muscle groups are not performing […]read more
  • Myotherapy


    Myotherapy – Adv Dip in App Sci (‘Myo’ Latin for Muscle) is a natural therapy that works in a pain free, non invasive manner to restore the integrity of the soft tissue component of the human body. Improved musculature, tendons and ligaments resting within their natural length and tension will correct range of movement throughout […]read more
  • Deep Tissue / Remedial / Sports Massage

    Deep Tissue / Remedial / Sports Massage

    Techniques used by Experienced Myotherapists to release and relax muscle(s) groups in order to change, align and correct the force in which the muscle exudes on its attachments and dramatically impact the effect it has on its surrounding connective tissue. Connective tissue is just that, it connects structure(s), it is living for the most part […]read more

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