Trigger Point Therapy

Deactivating trigger points is a means to reduce/eradicate pain and discomfort. These hyper irritable spots, in lay term are called knot, in clinical terms hypertonic muscle lesions. A taut band or a concentrated area/portion of a muscle belly becomes contracted and produces pain and restriction, it inherently can destabilise a joint, can cause aggravation/inflammation = Pain.

Deactivation of these points requires various techniques.

Ischaemic compression, when the trigger point is located (cornered) and compressed against underlying anatomical structures, it deactivates the point by cleaning it up from a toxicity point of view, ie the by products of cellular respiration are pushed out, reabsorbed into the blood stream and eliminated and when the trigger point is released it reabsorbs oxygen and nutrient rich blood from surrounding tissues. The pressure also deactivates the contractile part of the muscle cell(microscopic) and stuns the muscle into relaxing. This will enable us to elongate the entire muscle, thus unloading associated attachments and decompressing joint lines.