Pregnancy Massage

With the ever changing body through the natural cycle of pregnancy, the body sometimes murmurs aches and pains with the change. With all of the changes there is a shift in gravitational force running through your body and your residing posture is altered with the growth of your soon to be born.

Aches and pains, restriction, tightness and fatigue from sleeping uncomfortably with painful muscles and joints from additional load bearing all contribute to making it quite tiring. A range of therapies such as Deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, passive muscle stretching can alleviate, soothe and rejuvenate. With an increase in circulation to area of concern and ensuring your postural stance is a good as can be in regard to your relationship with gravitational force you will be able to carry strongly and correctly throughout every term. Having posture corrected as best as possible will ensure certain groups will strengthen and also other muscle groups will not overload.

An experienced Myotherapist can assist in gentle massage to alleviate stress and increase circulation, a warm soothing session to relax the entire nervous system and gently nourish the body with correct pressure and glide to ensure complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

If there are some other anatomical issues that require correction, appropriate well thought out therapy can be applied with sound knowledge of just not what therapy to apply but most importantly how to apply it. Consideration of how pregnant the client is will determine what position is most appropriate and comfortable for Mother to be, baby to come and can the correct therapy be administered correctly and most of all safely. Appropriate draping of client goes without saying, abundance of warm towels and surroundings ensures complete ease to correct the body comfortably.

The body produces elastin during pregnancy so many joints can become quite lax, ensuring correct muscular balance throughout the joint(s) in concern and the entire body will ensure aggravation does not take place if there is a pr existing issue.

In early stages of pregnancy a biomechanical alignment anatomical check to forecast any postural issues is advised, it is possible to forecast how the body will cope with the additional load in the upcoming months and do something about it early so as to change the course if it is looking like it may be unnecessarily uncomfortable.