Back Pain

Back Pain, there you go, i said it, and most at some stage or another have experienced it. Varying in degrees of pain, frequent or constant, sharp or dull, any way you slice or dice it back pain will gnaw away at you slowly or leave you completely incapacitated.

A course of anti-inflames, voltaren, took this, saw him, yoga, Pilates, gym, ‘Swimming’, that will fix it, nup, still can’t get it right, maybe rest, take a spell, hmmm, feels a bit better, let’s get back into participating again, boom, back to where you started.

Xray, MRI, yep, your at that stage now this is getting serious. Assessment shows some wear a tear usually with the prognosis of “there it is” either a prolapse, bulge, compression, inflamed, L3/4, C6/7 Intervertebral #%^#@! L M N O P. The diagnostics will show the denervation or the spot(hotspot I call them), the point where the wear and tear has degraded the tissue with the constant stress upon it. All of the physical stress funnels out of your postural line and aggravate it on the way through causing aggravation, inflammation and pain.

Q- Is cause of the pain is coming from the blow out point (the point usually outlined by a physician with a big red pen)?
A- the aggravation point usually impinges on surrounding tissue causing pain, yes, most of the time.

Q-What caused the blow out point to be aggravated in the first place?
A-Our relationship with gravity and how it either flows or grates though our stature is entirely dependant on one thing, ‘posture’. It is everything. Our posture will determine the possibility of the whole spine and skeletal structure wearing out evenly together over the course of 80 -100 years or whether a few bends become kinks and gravity crushes you over a period of time. When you bend over to put your socks on or pick up your children, an overloaded spine due to incorrect posture can result in a prolapsed Lumbar/Thoracic or cervical vertebrae. It will appear on your scan at ‘some’ vertebral level, depending on your posture, L3/4, maybe L4/5 and you wonder why is it that disc and not the one below or above. Why did I tear my left calf and not the right, my right knee clicks and not the left, is it just pot luck or if my posture was checked could this be forecasted, rectified and prevented from being anything ongoing?

Two eyes, Two arms, Two legs, Two hips, bipedal you are, but symmetrical you may not be. How are you residing with gravity?