The Benefits of Good Posture


I’m bringing posture back… yeah!!


I’ll be the first to admit it! The subject of ‘posture’ is not hot, it’s not sexy… it’s not even cool. Just the word ‘posture’ conjures up bad memories. Memories of your Mum, Dad, teachers, grandparents etc.. sternly saying/nagging/yelling!! “Sit up straight! Don’t slouch! Shoulders back!” It’s been ground into us at an early age, but let’s face it, some of us didn’t listen to the advice of our disciplinarians… did we?… hmmm … and was their advice correct?


Mind Your Posture

I don’t want to alarm you but the simple truth is, from a bio-mechanical point of view ‘Posture is everything!’ It sets the foundation for every movement and if the body operates from postures which are not true, correct or biomechanically sound, injuries and degeneration will occur. [hello future hunchback cranky pants].

Let’s face it, good posture IS attractive! [Have you ever seen a Supermodel shuffling, slouching, or hunching their way down the catwalk?] There is a certain power and confidence which comes from correct posture.


The Power Pose


The ‘power pose’ which was coined in a popular Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy, demonstrates changing your posture, can literally make a positive impact to the way your life unfolds. Pretty powerful stuff! [Posture is sounding a little more interesting now isn’t it?] Cuddy concludes that people with good posture, open chest, up straight etc.. (ie; what she calls ‘power posing’) are generally more confident, happier & successful. Science says better posture increases testosterone and lowers cortisol (the stress hormone). Profiles of people with lower cortisol and higher testosterone generally have more energy and are leaders and high performers.

Recently I have been working with organisations in a more educational role, mentoring and coaching groups on how to improve their posture and overall wellbeing, to create highly functioning workplaces and improve overall productivity and capability. It is an honour to empower groups of people to take control and ‘own their own posture’ leading to happier and healthier workplaces and lives.

My workshops will empower you with the knowledge to self-diagnose your postural imbalances and give valuable techniques on how to counteract these. It could be the difference between you ending up on my Myotherapy table, or not!

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