Google search “Backpain, how to fix?”

For all of those who google searched ‘back pain, how to fix it, cause of, where to go, who to try, chiro, osteo, physio, myo’, let it be known that most back pain is caused by an incorrect pelvic foundation. So before everyone screams, “core strength this” and “pilates that’, all of that is great and fine and of course 100% right in some respects, but if that strength is not stacked squarely on the bench called your hips its virtually pointless, you will have a strong problem on your hands.

Yes, the angle of your foundation (your pelvis) of your house (you) will determine the angle of incidence between your walls and your floor, i.e. if your pelvis is square, your spine has every chance to be straight. If one hip is higher than the other, where your spine originates into your pelvis will be compromised, meaning the direction of the base of your spine is pointing towards 11.30 on the clock instead of 12, or 12.30 instead of due north. Another way to put it, If east – west is your pelvis, your spine will be magnetic north and has no reason to deviate.

Back pain comes from your ability to stand relatively straight even on uneven ground, this occurs with postural correction. If you walk along the beach that slopes towards the water, your body will accommodate this by activating compensatory muscles in your back to enable the body to right itself as best as possible, making muscle contractions either side of the spine in ascending order all the way to the top where there will be one final correction at upper neck level to ensure your eyes look at the horizon squarely otherwise the world looks crooked.

This same spinal compensation/correction occurs constantly if you have a pelvic tilt, except you are walking on flat ground, but your body is reading the slope on the beach still and makes allowances endlessly until something gives up, gets aggravated, inflamed resulting in pain. Sheering stress cuts across the spines obtusely instead of straight down through it like a hot knife through butter.

A square perfectly aligned pelvis results in straight healthy uncomplicated back. At Muscle Management clinic we correct Pelvic tilts and angles and let your spine right itself.

It sounds simple doesn’t it.