Pregnancy and Myotherapy

OK, YOUR PREGNANT, ONE IN THE OVEN, UP THE DUFF, attention now I have, now seriously………Congratulations!!!!!

Pregnancy is a great wonderful miraculous thing, 2 cells uniting as you and your partner do at a particular special moment( if you do it the old fashion way) multiplying frantically to create life, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone, all sorts of tissue growth, and with it a new soul is born, miraculous stuff. Besides creating immense joy, causing congratulations left right and centre, small car update and/or minor house renovation, what it can create is back problems!

As the centre of your universe grows within you, it is just that, I mean, there, in the centre of you which is great, nice and neatly tucked besides your spine and in line with your gravitational plumb line, in the early stages of pregnancy that is. Once you have waited to tell your boss(you’re starting to show) your bundle of joy is getting bigger and pushing the boundaries of cooperation with that gravitational line.
Besides maybe a little morning sickness, you feel biomechanically pretty good, you may have swapped your “body attack classes for preggi bellies or some gentle yoga, but whatever you do, keeping or creating great posture (with the help of a skilled Myotherapist) in the early days is essential for preventing back problems when you are most ‘rotund’.

Being rotund and heading toward full term is absolutely wonderful…’if’ your back doesn’t hurt, if it does it can be quite the hard time and you firmly adopt the ‘hand on the small of your back pose’ every time you get up and wince accordingly. Sleeping is hard(and its only going to get harder when child is born), walking is hard, everything is harder with a sore back.

Unfortunately treatment at this point of the game is not as easy or desirable as when you were newly pregnant and a little more agile. There is a lot a skilled Myotherapist can do at whatever stage of Pregnancy you are at, keeping you adequately draped and always in a comfortable position we can assist you in whatever stage of pregnancy if you are experiencing problems. With the release of elastin your joints become more supple which sounds great but it can create instability, so never before has a great relationship with gravity been so desired.

So.. when you break the news to family and friend that the family tree will be sprouting a new branch, a great thing to do is contact a highly experienced Myotherapist who can pick your ever so slight postural default in which you are about to add a lot more load to. Once corrected, you are free to breeze through the terms pain free, remaining active so you can breeze through delivery and welcome the new little Cherub into your life and let the fun begin.

Next I will talk about the toll a baby can have when you forever look down upon it , changing bathing and carrying and how to avoid the ever growing(weighing) bundle of joy.