Stress and back pain

Everything below the neck is controlled by everything above the neck, meaning that your entire body is controlled by your brain, or more specifically your central nervous system (your Brain and spinal cord).

If stress is a factor in your life, that cerebral tension will have an effect on your body and may manifest in varying symptoms of varying degrees depending on the individual.

If you suffer from back pain, you may have a musculo skeletal imbalance which may need fixing regardless but add in some stress and you have yourself quite a debilitating issue. Some issues not only are accented by stress but are directly caused by stress.

Issues like Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction (a jaw clenching /grinding issue) can generally be attributed directly to stress. Jaw muscles need to be released manually by an experienced Myotherapist but stress needs to be addressed as it is the underlying issue in a lot of cases. Whatever your physical ailments and issues, reducing stress will definitely help relieve the symptoms and the cause in many cases. It will definitely help in recovery while working with a Myotherapist who is physically treating the issue.

An experienced Myotherapist can alleviate stress by ‘rebooting’ your Central Nervous System. By treating you in a very passive way and performing ‘holds’ on you, these ‘holds’ are areas of the body, diaphragm, neck, shoulders and throat, which are highly sensitive and reactive to the Central Nervous System. It is a deeply relaxing experience and sometimes emotional, it can stir up some deep down thoughts and experiences but forefronts them and allows the individual to acknowledge what is potentially causing them stress so they they can deal with it if they haven’t. A highly emotional reaction sometimes takes place but the weight lifted off those say it is an amazing catalyst for change in their lives.