Myotherapy for new mums

New born Babies effect on you, now its on the outside!

Baby born, hip hip, wet the head, balloons, flowers, visitors, gifts. Little clothes, tiny everything, in your arms looking down for the next 12 months. Hunching over, safe and secure, Breast feeding or holding the baby and the bottle, all really really bad for your posture.

Rounded shoulders, sitting and nursing constantly, into the cot, out of the cot, settling baby, bad position. Change tables, lifting capsules into the car and pram from the boot, it all awkward, its all new and its all going to take its toll on you. Bathing the baby OMG it hurts your back, its all low its all bent over.It all spells back pain.

Bend your knees wherever possible, kneel on a cushion when you can, stretch your chest and adopt different ways of holding the baby as the one you always use feels the best because you always adopt that way. Mix it up and ask your myothrapist while you are pregnant how to think about these things when the baby is born.
Which hip when carrying a toddler, both, never favour one hip for child to sit on, this creates a pelvic tilt and a crooked back.
Its all wonderful but new way of living can create new challenges from a musculo skeletal point of view.

At Muscle Management Clinic we can ensure your body stays sound so you can adequately care for your new family and show you ways to prevent injuries.